Officer & Member Responsibilities

Define Officer/Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lebaron Moten - President
    The president is the face of the organization and meeting with large stakeholders. The president runs MCEL meetings by following an agenda, moving from agenda item to agenda item. During meetings, the president calls the meeting to order and delivers a president’s report, which updates the other MCEL members on any issues the staff has been working on.

    After MCEL members make a motion, which is typically a recommendation for a new activity or procedure, the president waits for another board member to second the motion. If the motion is seconded, the president asks for any discussion. When the discussion is finished, the motion is either dropped, amended, or left as is, and the president “calls the question,” or takes a vote on the motion, which either passes or fails. After all business is completed, the president sets or announces the date for the next board meeting and adjourns the meeting.
  • Daniel Hill - Vice-President
    Echo the president;  The VP fills in for the president when the president is unavailable, such as running a MCEL meeting. In many cases, the VP takes on special projects that aren’t a regular part of the organization’s operations. 

  • Nelson Campus - Public Relations
  • Issac Kirkwood - Communications
    In charge of external communications, community partnerships, meeting locations, and operational tasks assigned by the VP. Collaborates with the district communications department and office.  

  • Robert Silva - Treasurer/Secretary
    The Treasurer/Secretary takes notes during all official meetings. The secretary follows a format that often includes recording the date of the meeting, the names of attendees, those MCEL members absent, any guests present, the time of the start of the meeting, all actions taken during the meeting, and the close of the meeting. These documents are known as minutes of meetings. Minutes can be very detailed and should contain the exact wording of any motions, the vote count, and how members voted. The Treasurer/Secretary submits each meeting’s minutes to MCEL members after the meeting for their review. The minutes are then either accepted as is or with amendments by a vote of the board at their next meeting. The Treasurer/Secretary is responsible for reporting on the financial status of the organization, provided by the Chapter President.

  • Clarence Berry - Vocals
  • Josue Cuevas - Vocals
    At-Large WC-MCEL Members): MCEL members with no specific titles serve to represent different constituent interests, providing a voice and a vote, and assisting in MCEL Waukegan Chapter initiatives. 
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